POSTER-Sessione 1°/2°

POSTER-Sessione 1°

12.09.2023 9.00-13.00


Da 1 a 50: corridoio aule Centro Servizi piano terra

Da 50 a 100: corridoio aule Centro Servizi primo piano

La numerazione progressiva dei poster corrisponde al numero presente nello spazio dedicato


Dimensioni massime del poster: cm 90 x 130



1 “Structure and function of the human pulvinar: a track-weighted dynamic functional connectivity-based parcellation study” Gianpaolo Antonio Basile et al.

2 “Neurotoxic effects of Coronavirus: potential implications in Alzheimer’s onset and progression” Francesca Beretti et al.

3 Melatonin ameliorates hippocampal inflammation and redox balance in mouse model of autism” Francesca Bonomini et al.

4 “Distribution and characterization of α-syn and VIP immunoreactivity in the enteric nervous system of human small intestine” Arianna Casini et al.

5 “Diagnostic value of salivary biomarkers in Parkinson’s Disease” Claudia Caturano et al.

6 “Olfaction and Gustation in Blindness: the “Tasting in the dark” experience” Maria Jimena Ricatti, … Maria Paola Cecchini

7 “Oxytocin-Leptin Crosstalk in the Regulation of the Energy Balance” Georgia Colleluori et al.

8 “Understanding and modeling nerve-melanoma interactions” Cinzia Fabrizi et al.

9 “Biological effects of Vitamin E on BV-2 microglial cells” Francesca Martina Filannino et al.

10 “PACAP-ADNP axis prevents death induced by trophic factor deprivation in mutated SOD1 motor neurons in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis” Benedetta Magrì et al.

11 “Choline alphoscerate and thioctic acid effects on neuroinflammation in lipopolysaccharide-stimulated BV2 microglial cells” Ilenia Martinelli et al.

12 “Exploiting lamin A processing: a potential pharmacological strategy to enhance oxidative stress sensitivity in glioblastoma cells” Maria Vittoria Marvi et al.

13 “Potential role of lactoferrin in reprogramming astrocytes by promoting neurogenesis” Melania Ruggiero et al.

14 “Histone deacetylases inhibitors to overcome Chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy” Arianna Scuteri et al.

15 “Effect of tail pinch on BDNF and trkB expression in the hippocampus of Roman Low- (RLA) and High-Avoidance (RHA) rats” Maria Pina Serra et al.

16 “SMN circular RNAs as potential new targets and biomarkers for the therapeutic response in Spinal Muscular Atrophy” Marika Guerra ….Claudio Sette

17 “Petroclival Clinoidal Folds and their Relationships with Arachnoidal Membranes of the Anteromedial Incisural Space: An Anatomical Dissection” Samanta Taurone et al.

18 “Hippocampus volume analysis in Alzheimer’s disease” Enea Traini et al.

19 “Expression and topography of α-synuclein strains in the normal human brainstem” Aleksandar Tushevski et al.

20 “The dynamic of glioblastoma-associated glia: evidence from mouse and human tissue” Assunta Virtuoso et al.

Cellule staminali: dalla biologia cellulare alle prospettive terapeutiche

21 “The CXCR1/CXCR2 Inhibitor, Reparixin Reduces the Emperipolesis Between Neutrophils and Megakaryocytes in the Gata1low mice” Francesca Arciprete et al.

22 “The secretome derived from human amniotic fluid stem cells causes an anti-cancer effect on melanoma cell line in vitro” Francesca Beretti et al.

23 “Trop-2 Expression/Activation in Human Amniotic Epithelial Cells” Valentina Giansante et al.

24 “Chemical environmental pollutant BPA is involved in angiogenesis VS carcinogenesis” Antonella Mazzone et al.

25 “The multidomain protein Vav1 in the differentiation of pluripotent stem cells to insulin-producing cells” Marina Pierantoni et al.

26 “CXCL1 is a potential biomarker for the variegation in the levels of fibrosis present in the bone marrow of animal models of myelofibrosis” Viola Velardi et al.

27 “Characterization and secretome evaluation of human Mesenchymal Stromal Cells derived from Adipose Tissue and Dental Pulp: an innovative therapy to counteract pathophysiological processes” Alessia Ventura et al.

Dalla morfologia alla patologia molecolare

28 “Altered morphology of mitochondria in cardiomyocytes as an early sign of gut dysbiosis: an ultrastructural study” Francesca Arnaboldi et al.

29 “Effects of garlic extract on breast tumor cells: a phenotype dependent modulation of morphology, cell cycle and invasive potential” Federica Brugnoli et al.

30 “Cerebral vascular disorders in sickle cell trait: a morphological study” Marcello Trucas, Sabrina Burattini et al.

31 “Deciphering the hepatic role of Interleukin-13 expression in pre-clinical models of organ fibrosisSimone Carotti et al.

32 Visualizing the subcellular action of anti-HER2 therapeutics at molecular nanoscale in breast cancer cells” Katia Cortese et al.

33 “Deacetylases inhibition in cellular models of Fanconi Anemia: effects on antioxidant responses and on mitochondrial network” Vanessa Cossu et al.

34 “HSF-1/miR-145-5p transcriptional axis enhances hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy efficacy on peritoneal ovarian carcinomatosis” Silvia Di Agostino et al.

35 “Ultrastructural analysis of Large Japanese field mice (Apodemus speciosus) testes exposed to low-dose-rate (LDR) radiation after the Fukushima accident” Marta Gatti et al.

36 “Sialylation Profile in Placentas of Pregnancies Affected by SARS-CoV-2 Infection” Germano Guerra et al.

37 Morphological alterations associated to anticancer activity of olive (Olea europaea L.) leaf enriched extract in prostate cancer cell lines” Tonia Luca et al.

38 “Free fatty acids cause kidney injury and lipid metabolic memory in obesity related glomerulopathy” Anna Laura Colia, … Angela Bruna Maffione

39 “Oxidative/glycative damage and morphological alterations in the PCOS mouse tubal ampulla: the protective effects of L-carnitines” Mariacarla De Rubeis, Ilaria Antenisca Mascitti et al.

40 Variazioni fenotipiche e morfofunzionali nel ciclo vitale delle cellule di Leucemia Linfatica Cronica durante la transizione tra sangue periferico e organi linfoidi secondari.” Andrea Nicola Mazzarello et al.

41 “Cadmium levels in the follicular fluid affect the ultrastructure of the mature human cumulus-oocyte complex” Selenia Miglietta et al.

42 “Linking between Telocytes and immune cells in IBD, an immunohistochemical study” Anthea Miller et al.

43 “Secosterol-B induces nitrosative stress and UPR activation in human endothelial cells” Maria Gemma Nasoni et al.

44 “Investigating SARS-CoV-2 Infection in Pregnancy: Clinical and Histopathological Analysis” Angelica Perna et al.

45 “Effect of antiretroviral therapy on adipocyte differentiation” Angelica Perna et al.

46 “NGF and its receptors in human Sperm Cells: novel tools for reproductive fitness” Alessandra Pistilli et al.

47 “LINC complex as potential mediator in bone sarcomas differentiation” Serena Truocchio et al.

48 “The sarcoglycan sub-complex in visceral fat depots of obese rats” Giovanna Vermiglio et al.

Istogenesi, funzioni e disfunzioni dell’apparato muscolo-scheletrico

49 “Sex-specific impact of Bisphenol A exposure in the embryonic cardiac development” Maria Rita Assenza et al.

50 “Spondylarthritis and city lifestyle: a study case” Rita Maria Serra,..Pasquale Bandiera

51 “Myoblast-derived Galectin 3 impairs osteogenesis during the early steps of osteoblast differentiation” Jessika Bertacchini et al.

52 “Sarcoglycan subcomplex in cartilage tissue: a preliminary study” Antonio Centofanti et al.

53 “Defining the role of HIF-1α and MMP-9 during skeletal myoblast differentiation” Flaminia Chellini et al.

54 “Inhibiting RAGE (receptor for advanced glycation end-products) as a tool to counteract cancer-associated cachexia” Sara Chiappalupi et al.

55 “Skeletal muscle extracellular matrix is remodeled by physical training in a murine model of Down syndrome” Barbara Cisterna et al.

56 “Characterization of PLC gene expression and intracellular localization in human osteoblasts cultured with and without U73122 inhibitor” Matteo Corradini et al.

57 “Multiomic deconstruction of (teno)synovial tissue: application of innovative technologies for the prevention of rheumatoid arthritis” Gabriele Di Sante et al.

58 “Pro-differentiating effects of red photobiomodulation on skeletal myoblasts: morpho-functional evidences” Martina Parigi et al.

59 “V. macrocarpon prevents Western diet- and cancer-dependent detrimental effects in muscles by reducing advanced glycation end-products (AGEs) in vitroFrancesca Riuzzi et al.

60 “Equisetum arvense standardized extract delays the onset of osteosarcopenia in geriatric mice” Francesca Riuzzi et al.

61 “Granules versus scaffolds: which bioactive glass arrangement can express the highest angiogenic potential in ovo for bone regeneration?” Virginia Stanzani et al.

62 “Histotopographic characterization of the suprapatellar fat pad” Elena Stocco et al.

Tecnologie innovative, modelli 3D e organoidi per lo studio di patologie e di drug discovery

63 “Single-cell multi-omics characterization of Natural Killer lymphocytes in COVID-19 patients: a clinical case series” Silvia Barbon et al.

64 “A fluid dynamic system to test different kinds of compounds on human skin explants” Andrea Galvan,…Laura Calderan

65 “Nanotechnological approach for the treatment of myotonic dystrophy type 1” Flavia Carton et al.

66 “The impact of simulated microgravity on gene expression profiling of keratinocyte cells” Margherita Martina Lo Campo,…Gabriele Ceccarelli

67 “Digital workflow for colour normalization of histological specimens” Pietro Marco D’Angelo et al.

68 “Digital pre-analysis: quality control of digitised slides using artificial intelligence models” Daniele Di Tella et al.

69 “The Application of a Fluoride-and-Vitamin D Solution to Deciduous Teeth Promotes Formation of Persistent Mineral Crystals: A Morphological Ex-Vivo Study” Orlando Donfrancesco et al.

70 “Crosstalk among neurons, muscle and bone: in vitro model of triple culture” Martina Gatti et al.

71 “Evaluation of the combined inhibition of alternative splicing and EZH2 activity as pro-immunogenic treatment for triple-negative breast cancers” Vanessa Medici,…Chiara Naro

72 “Computer-Aided Diagnosis Systems for Early Detection of Alzheimer’s Disease” Giulio Nittari et al.

73 “A new method for oral cancer biomarkers detection with a non-invasive cyto-salivary sampling and rapid-highly sensitive ELISA immunoassay: a pilot study in humans” Federico Rebaudi et al.

74 “Simple and fast: TEM imaging in a standard SEM” Piero Antonio Zecca, … Mario Raspanti.


POSTER-Sessione 2°

12.09.2023 13.30-19.00


Da 1 a 50: corridoio aule Centro Servizi piano terra

Da 50 a 100: corridoio aule Centro Servizi primo piano

La numerazione progressiva dei poster corrisponde al numero presente nello spazio dedicato


Dimensioni massime del poster: cm 90 x 130


Invecchiamento e patologie degenerative

1 “Expression of CD44 and its partner Podoplanin in epiretinal membranes” Virginia Barone et al.

2 “Phase 1 of HEBE Project: fighting low grade chronic inflammation with physical activity to put out the risk of chronic diseases” Francesca Bianchi et al.

3 “Skin care and aging” Gaia Favero et al.

4 “Exploring the potential of an olive leaf extract to contrast skin photoageing, using an in vitro morphofunctional approach” Caterina Licini et al.

5 “Effects of caloric restriction on the loss of liver function typical of aging evaluated using an animal model” Vittoria Rago et al.

6 “Early aging in childhood cancer survivors: role of antioxidant defences” Vanessa Cossu, …  Silvia Ravera

7 “Detection of neurodegenerative, oxidative and neuroinflammatory biosignatures characterizing frailty condition” Anna Maria Stabile et al.

8 “Selective effect of quercetin on senescent mesenchymal stromal cells” Gabriella Teti et al.

Meccanismi molecolari di controllo della crescita cellulare

9 “Aristolochia Olivieri: a potential chemoadjuvant in the treatment of gastric cancer” Anna Bartoletti-Stella et al.

10 “Unconventional actions of LH on prepuberal ovary” Nicole Bertani et al

11 “The endocannabinoid-EGFL7/Notch axis in endometrial preparation to implantation” Ilenia Carriero et al.

12 “Influence of medium composition on the anti-tumoral potential of cold atmospheric plasma: preliminary results” Viviana di Giacomo et al.

13 “Characterization of epidermal growth factor-like domain 7 (EGFL7) expression in normal endometrium and in the endometrium of women with poor reproductive outcomes” Valentina Lacconi et al.

14 “Cell cycle block by p53 activation reduces SARS-CoV-2 release in A549-hAce2 cells” Giada Lodi et al.

15 “Novel role of BCL11A in the proliferative response to glucocorticoids of erythroid cells” Maria Mazzarini et al.

16 “Inhibition of endolysosomal two-pore channel 2 (TPC2) activity stimulated osteoblast differentiation and function and impeded the autophagy termination” Azadeh Montaseri et al.

17 “X-ray-induced endothelial damage: sex differences and antioxidants effects” Ilaria Campesi,…, Andrea Montella

18 “Characterizing possible mechanisms eluding PI3K inhibition effectiveness in AML” Francesca Paganelli et al.

19 “Aptamer to ErbB-3/HER3 as innovative therapeutic agent in HNSCC” Federica Pagano et al.

20 “The inhibition of Hedgehog signaling pathway exerts synergy with MK2206 AKT inhibitor in acute lymphoblastic leukemia cells” Marica De Chiara, Mariaconcetta Sicurella, et al.

21 “In vitro toxicity of mineral fibres: a possible role in placental development” Giovanni Tossetta et al.

22 “The role of miR-145 in the emergence of adaptive resistance to AKT inhibition in prostate cancer” Manuela Zavatti et al.

Anatomia e movimento

23 “Relationship between BMI, physical activity and daytime activity levels during a week of a spa stay” Lucia Castelli et al.

24 “Application of Biomechanical Analysis to Latin Dancing” Antonia Centrone et al.

25 “Neuromuscular evaluation of the masticatory muscles in patients with periodontal disease” Riccardo Rosati, … Claudia Dellavia

26 “Posture and visual effect: variability and correlation of plantar pressure and stabilometric parameters in open and closed eyes conditions” Paolo De Blasiis, …, Antonio De Luca

27 “Executive Functions Assessment Based on Wireless EEG and 3D Gait Analysis During Dual-Task” Paolo De Blasiis, … Antonio De Luca

28 “Physical performance: which factors can influence it?” Letizia Galasso et al.

29 “Effects of acoustic and visual stimuli on Counter Movement Jump free arms assessed by a digital accelerometer sensor” Ciro Ivan De Girolamo, …Angela Lucariello

30 “Squat Test: Subjective vs. Objective Analysis” Gabriele Morucci et al.

31 “Outdoor motor activity to counteract sarcopenia in the elderly: protocol proposal” Francesca Orofino et al.

32 “Trunk control may reduce ACL injury risk: kinematic assessments in personalised functional tests” Chiarella Sforza et al.

33 “The positive effect of physical training on the motor neuron cell nucleus in the Ts65Dn mouse, a model of Down syndrome” Carlo Zancanaro et al.

Morfologia, attività settoria e strategie didattiche

34 “Clinical Anatomy of Maxillary Sinus: Vascularization and Underwood Septa investigations” Sara Bernardi et al.

35 “Anatomical variants of the left vertebral artery: a case report” Anna Maria Billi et al.

36 “Nephron endowment evaluation in pre-transplantation kidneys: a digital histomorphometric methodology for future machine learning development approach” Elena Canciani et al.

37 “The puzzle of facial asymmetry: is the dentition stage a contributing factor?” Annalisa Cappella et al.

38 “Anatomical variants of sphenoid bone: is there a correlation among different types of accessory foramina?” Daniele Gibelli et al.

39 “The anatomical variations of the sciatic nerve during dissection classes: three different case reports” Jacopo J.V. Branca, …Ferdinando Paternostro

40 “Bland & Altman Plot in facial anthropometry: has the quest for clinical quantification ended?” Chiarella Sforza et al.

Medicina rigenerativa

41 “Histochemical and immunohistochemical study on an innovative hydrogel-based scaffold for bone regeneration” Elisa Borsani et al.

42 “Effects of differently treated titanium surfaces on the viability and osteogenic differentiation of hPDLSCs” Jessica Bria et al.

43 “Polylevolysine and Fibronectin-Loaded Nano-Hydroxyapatite/PGLA/ Dextran-Based Scaffolds for Improving Bone Regeneration: A Histomorphometric in Animal Study” Elena Canciani et al.

44 “Physiological mechanical stimulation improves the maturation and organization of three-dimensional cardiac bioconstructs in vitro” Clotilde Castaldo et al.

45 “In vitro evaluation of the protective activity of T4N5 liposomal lotion on dermal fibroblasts from Xeroderma Pigmentosum” Rosa Di Liddo et al.

46 “Resident human cardiac progenitor cells remodel in vitro the scaffolds of decellularized human dermal matrix prepared for cardiac tissue engineering” Franca Di Meglio et al.

47 “Osteogenic potential of bioactive composite scaffolds for the regeneration of critical-sized mandibular defects” Sophia Dalfino,…Claudia Dolci

48 “Innovative 3D-printed titanium specimens favor a balanced modulation of inflammation in DPSCs during liposome-triggered mineralization” Amelia Cataldi,…Marialucia Gallorini

49 “Polydeoxyribonucleotide-based gel for horizontal bone regeneration: histological assessment of human ground sections” Gaia Pellegrini et al.

50 “Pig decellularized peripheral nerve supports fiber regeneration” Stefania Raimondo et al.

51 “Treating critical-size bone defects with Pal-OS® powder: exploiting the CAM assay model to evaluate the angiogenic potential of different 3D printed scaffolds for bone tissue engineering” Virginia Stanzani et al.

Tessuti epiteliali e tessuti connettivali: transizione epitelio mesenchima nell’organogenesi e nella carcinogenesi

52 “Antisteatotic and antifibrotic activity of a new synthetic GPR120 receptor agonist in mice overfed with a “Western-style diet”” Alfredo Cappariello et al.

53 “Effect of lidocaine on collagen turnover pathways in human tenocytes: an in vitro study” Fabrizio Fontana, …Nicoletta Gagliano

54 “Liver alterations in the mouse model of autism spectrum disorders: a possible beneficial effect of melatonin” Marzia Gianò et al.

55 “Photodynamic Effects of Different Light-Colored Radiations on Mechanobiology of Human Skin Cells: Viability, Migration and Extracellular Matrix Deposition” Germano Guerra et al.

56 “Epithelial cell adhesion modulation via hsa-microRNA-1249-3p/Homeobox A13 Axis” Chiara Mazziotta et al.

57 “Immediate Effects of Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy in Fascial Fibroblasts: An In Vitro Study” Carmelo Pirri et al.

58 ”Blood supply to the superficial fascia of the abdomen: an anatomical study” Carmelo Pirri, et al.

59 “PPAR-Gamma coordinates EMT, AGE, and senescence signaling and mitigates the intestinal fibrosis in IBDs” Simona Pompili et al.